Playing through the intro of Let's Go Pikachu, I came across what looks to me like the greeting おはよう, but written instead as おはよ.

enter image description here

Is this a known alternate spelling, or perhaps a simplification aimed at younger audiences?


「おはよ」 is just an informal, variant pronunciation/spelling of 「おはよう」. The age of the speaker or audience does not have so much to do with it.

Other common variants include:



For the informal versions of 「こんにちは」, you will hear/see:





With the evening greeting, we seem not to "play around" much for some reason and we may only have:



  • I've even heard ジャーップ for こんにちは, but it must be said that this was in reasonably rural parts of 新潟県 May 4 '19 at 21:17

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