With the use of a dictionary, along with reading some web pages, I understood the meaning as well as the proper usage of 「延びる/延ばす」and 「伸びる/伸ばす」. But I noticed an overlapping in meaning regarding「延べる」and「伸べる」. Do the former two groups of verbs have differences in meaning and usage with「延べる」and「伸べる」.

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Difference のびる/のばす and のべる

のべる has meaning as make flat something thick or fold.

  1. 空間的に長くする。また、広くする。
    • ㋐たたんであるものなどをひろげる。敷く。「布団を―・べる」
    • ㋑(「手をのべる」の形で)対象に向かって届かせるように手をのばす。積極的にさし出す。さしのべる。「手を―・べて助けおこす」「救いの手を―・べる」
    • ㋒かたまり状の物を、打って均質に薄く広げる。「飴(あめ)を―・べる」「金(きん)を―・べる」

伸べる/延べる(ノベル)とは - コトバンク

On the other hand, のびる has wider meanings. But, のびる's meaning of make flat is used for thinner thing.

  1. ものの長さ・高さ・広がりが増す。
    • ㋔(伸びる)全体にうすく、均質にひろがる。「よく―・びる塗料」

伸びる/延びる(ノビル)とは - コトバンク

For better comprehension, I'll explain about other differences.

Difference of 延 and 伸, in meaning of extension


伸べる/延べる(ノベル)とは - コトバンク

延 has meaning as extending schedule.

まっすぐのびる。長くのばす。「伸縮・伸張・伸展/引伸・急伸・屈伸」 伸(シン)とは - コトバンク

伸 has meaning as extend straightly.

I think 伸 is used with a thing which has form, but I couldn't find source about it.

Difference of 伸べる and 延べる


See again 伸べる/延べる(ノベル)とは - コトバンク. These are used as a same word.

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    Don't forget to mention that のべる and のばす are 他動詞 / transitive verbs, whereas のびる is a 自動詞 or intransitive verb. May 9, 2019 at 18:41

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