Confused of the meaning of Bさんといるところを評価されれば as it just doesn't seem to make sense translating it. For context the whole sentence is:


I know the text is discussing communication skills and I'm guessing it is trying to say even if the communication seems high..... the communication seems low?


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in that context means "if I were to be judged [on my communication skills] based on [when I am with] Bさん"

「Bさんといるところ」 means "a moment/scene when [I] am with Bさん", and that moment is what's being (hypothetically) judged.

To explain the context, let's say we have three people:

  • the speaker, S
  • some person A who S finds easy to talk to, i.e. 「君」 in your given sentence
  • another person B with whom S finds it difficult to keep a conversation going

Then S is saying that she might be perceived as having good communication skills when speaking with A, but on the other hand when she is with B she might be judged as having poor communication skills.

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