While working on a translation for the following Japanese sentence, my brain inexplicably spits out a translation without giving me a reason for each translated segment.


When I reflected on my/its reasoning, it gives me the following as its reasons for translating to produce the English sentence below.

(My brain's reasoning after the fact): 'the Japanese comma and the English comma are mostly the same in terms of placement. This word goes here, here, that one over there, here, and...'



From me asking her directly, she brings down her voice back to a similar mummer.

Question is, is my brain's random, possibly correct translation accurate, given the context of the 1st person POV character talking to a girl with the following dialogue?

POV: 「君は……」

Girl: [名前なら、ないわ]


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Before I asked (her name), a low murmur returned (from her).

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