What does ビアホール仕立ての黒 on Asahi Dry Black means? Specifically 仕立て(sewing?) and ビアホール(via hole?). I tried searching it on japanese web, but it's kinda assumed as common knowledge and never mentioned besides sites about beers.


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    ビアホール(via hole) <-- beer hall じゃないの...? 😲 – Chocolate Apr 29 at 1:54
  • The most shocking about this question in that it appears there's more than one sort of beer in Japan. – Taosique Apr 29 at 7:25

「[Noun] + 仕立{した}て」


"(made) in the [Noun] style"

「ビアホール」 is an establishment where people gather for the main purpose of drinking draft beer. When I first saw your question, I was going to say that 「ビアホール」 was a 和製英語{わせいえいご} (= "an English word created by Japanese"), but I have found this place in the U.S., so I am not sure:


In any case, 「ホール」 comes from "hall" and certainly not "hole". Another word you will eventually need to know is 「ビアガーデン」.


in this context, means:

"dark beer"

So, the whole phrase means:

"Dark Beer Brewed in the Beer Hall Style"

  • thing that threw me off was that "beer" in japanese would be ビール and not ビア. Thanks a lot! – rino Apr 29 at 7:00
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    Yeah, when I sounded out ビアホール, it made me think of the German Bierhalle (and Biergarten - beer gardens), which makes sense as a possible origin of the phrase/word in Japanese. – purplecat Apr 29 at 18:21

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