Question about this sentence :


Why do we need の? What is its use in the sentence given? Isn't など a particle so it is ok to be followed by a noun?

I checked the Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar for の and I still do not understand the use in this sentence. Pleasw help. Thank you.


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In this sentence, "の no" is used to be more specific as to what kind of "thing" is being said.

For instance, if we were to remove の服, the sentence would be


Please do not enter the pool with things like T-shirts, etc.

To avoid ambiguity, "の服 no fuku" is added to specifically say that only clothing is not allowed, and "tシャツなど t shatsu nado" is added to give the reader an idea about the kind of clothing that is not allowed, hence


Please do not enter the pool with clothing such as T-shirts, etc.

You can find a similar sentence here.

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