I always have difficulty understanding 宮本 茂. His Japanese is like the hardest to understand. I can watch whole anime's with no problem, and read through lots of text in video games and manuals, but Shigeru's speech style is too hard.


Super Mario Run Shigeru Miyamoto Interview feat. Xavier Woods

0:59 seconds: あのね、やっぱり、技術がほら、ゲームって技術がどんどんどんどん新しい技術が入いて来るし、で、自分自身もどんどん新しい経験していくでしょう、そうすと、すぐにやりたいものがずっと出て来るので

Interpreter in video:

Well and I think you know one of the main reasons that I like to continue to make games is because technology keeps evolving and I keep having you know my own personal life experiences and I keep looking for new ways to combine the two, huh, into new games.

Response from reddit: Technology in games keeps getting better and better and we also experience more and more. Thus, what you want to do will certainly reveal itself.

My translation: Well, of course, technology is well, about games new technology keeps coming steadily and steadily, so, my own personal self new experiences of course, thus, soon together coming out because.

Can someone again, please help me make sense of how this sentence was interpreted. I can bet the translations are accurate, I just am looking for a breakdown of the grammar and stuff.

  • Listening to anime isn’t quite the same as listening to a human being speaking normally. Anime is decent listening practice, but the voice actors are carefully recorded in isolated sound booths, their voices are carefully compressed and mixed for maximum intelligibility, and they’re trained to speak very carefully and clearly. Real speech is different, and if you want to train your brain for it you really need to put yourself out there and talk with real Japanese speakers, preferably in person (to help with sensory integration).
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  • Thanks snailboat! I hope my questions don't come off as being a troll, or asking stupid things... these are questions which are so confusing I even have trouble finding out how to put them into question format. In either case, I am always grateful and humbled by anyone who assists me with a response. I have asked this 'question' on reddit.com/r/translator/comments/bf8bta/… and forum.wordreference.com/threads/%E3%81%BB%E3%82%89.3568407 , from which I have also received good responses. Also wanted to add that I find 宮本茂 to be hard to understand.
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Allow me to provide a more literal, humanized translation... The translations you received appear to be normalized so that they resemble a more standard, formal way of speaking.

I haven't watched the video so I'm missing some context, but


So like, really, technology is like, hey!


The technology in games, again and again and again and again, new technology is put into games...


And so I myself (also)...


Again and again, continuously move forward, gaining new experiences...


And so, things you want to do will keep appearing...

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There are a few minor errors in the transcription which I've corrected below:


The following is a part-by-part translation/paraphrasing:


New techniques, styles, and technology are constantly being introduced in games

Note: Given the topic of making video games, I believe 技術 here encompasses both the technology (e.g. more advanced game engines, better hardware) and the creative skills/techniques (e.g. art direction, sound, animation, programming) used to create a video game.


So I, myself continue to experience new things as well


And so there's always something I want to try making next

To summarize and add my interpretation: Shigeru Miyamoto has been creating games for many decades now. What spurs him on to keep creating games to this day are his love of games and the constant influx of new techniques/technology that allows him to continue learning and have new experiences. Given these factors, after he's done working on one game, there's no shortage of new game ideas he wants to try working on next.

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