I am trying to translate basic combat to Japanese, but find myself struggling as to which form of "x of this" to use. I am currently trying to figure out how to say "single," as in "single punch," with the following ones:

単(たん)-OR- 一重(ひとえ)-OR- 単一(たんいつ)

What is the rule of choosing between the (kunyomi number) + 重 and other forms?


Well, if you specifically mean a single punch you can say パンチ1発 or 1発のパンチ or alternatively ワンパン. There's a manga series called ワンパンマン, which plays on this idea to have a one punch KO. If you want to talk about say 2 punches you could say パンチ2発 or 2発のパンチ.

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