I once heard a word and it’s “tsunetero” which is kinda a verb for tsundere but when I googled the word I couldn’t find it anywhere and I’m questioning myself if this word really exist or I made it up. I know what is tsun tsun and tsundere and when I google these two words I can see results and meanings except for “tsunetero” So is it really a word ?

P.s I heard it from anime but I can’t remember which one

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If you can't remember where you heard it any answer is going to be a guess.

Mine is that it is a version of 拗ねる (suneru), possibly 'suneteru', for 'he/she's pouting/sulking'.


In addition to BJCUAI's guess, there's also [抓る]{tsuneru} ("to pinch"), which would conjugate to [抓てる]{tsunete ru} ("he / she / it is pinching").

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