I came across this term while reading doujinshis & also on R-movies description, but I can't find the meaning of the word. Is it all right to translate it as ハメ (screwing, xxxx-ing)? Or does it have a more specific meaning?

Many thanks in advance.

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It's ズポ + ハメ. ハメ is "screwing"; it's the stem of the verb はめる. ズポ/ズポッ/ズッポリ/etc is an mimetic/onomatopoeic word that describes how something is deeply stuck in a hole-like or snow-like object. It also describes the friction noise of something being stuck. It is commonly used to describe an aggressive intercourse or its sound. Here are some safer examples:

  • ゴム長靴をずぽっと履く
  • 落とし穴にズポっと填まった
  • 車が雪にずっぽり埋まって動かせない
  • ズポズポと膝まではまりながら雪道を歩く
  • Thank you, again, for your great explanation, naruto-san.
    – seycore
    Apr 2, 2019 at 13:22

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