My question here is about whether the speaker is talking about the 戦士たち in this sentence, or perhaps someone not mentioned. One of the reasons I am not sure if he is talking about the 戦士たち is because I wasn't aware if 送り届ける could be used if the object was already on their way to their destination.

A bit of pre context, just right before below extract they used a 冷却剤 to cool the land so that it could be crossed.

Character 1「これで渡れるようになったのですか?」

秀穂「さすがに範囲が広いからな。 もうちょっと待ってくれ」

Character 2「ふむ、このまま待つか……」


Character 2「うわぁああっ!」


Character 1「猿雷さんも応援に来てくれたのですね」


Character 2「ふむ、じゃあ任せて良いか」


Character 2「了解だ」

Character 2「秀穂も一緒に来る?」



  • I'm afraid this piece of context is not enough to answer the question. Could you provide, say, a paragraph before the line? – broccoli facemask - cloth Mar 26 '19 at 15:52
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    @broccoli forest added – gambit12 Mar 26 '19 at 16:09

Judging from that the fact that Character 2 is going to leave this position to 猿雷, and then 猿雷 lets them go for reporting to 公爵, it is highly probable that this 送り届ける means escorting the team including Character 2 back to some home base or to 公爵.

The subject of the verb, however, is unspecific within this context. It may or may not be some of 戦士 coming on the way, or 猿雷 intended the abstract "we", that is, the faction or group 猿雷 belongs to.

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  • In the story they part ways with 猿雷 at this point, and meet him again when he has has successfully carried out his recon (斥候) and reports to the 公爵. – gambit12 Mar 26 '19 at 17:40
  • @iceflame Yes, 猿雷 and 秀穂 are apparently excluded from the party going back because they choose to stay at that location. – broccoli facemask - cloth Mar 26 '19 at 17:53

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