These two characters are discussing ヒューバート in the below, and about how he lacks self awareness. However I am not sure why 気にされる was used instead of 気にする here. I know that される can be used as an honorific version of する. However knowing the character that is talking, I highly doubt that this is an honorific usage (although I could be wrong)


Person 1「ヒューバートって自分の立ち位置をよく理解していないわよね」

Person 2「まあ、気にされるよりは良いだろう」


Check out https://tap-biz.jp/business/honorific/1039076 The keigo consultant explains that 気にされる and 気になさる are acceptable polite forms of 気にする. Two more opinions weigh in here https://detail.chiebukuro.yahoo.co.jp/qa/question_detail/q1022847125

I would add that sometimes honorifics are used in a mocking / sarcastic way.

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    it would be cool if you gave further information to backup that this is indeed honorrifics, and not the indirect passive. Maybe translating the sentences would help others understand what you're trying to mean. – Felipe Oliveira Mar 26 at 14:37

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