This is from 茨海{ばらうみ}小学校 by 宮沢賢治, probably written almost 100 years ago.


My question is about お召しなすって. I think 召す is 尊敬語 meaning "to wear" in this case. I know there are some patterns like お~になる and お~する. Is なする a corruption of なさる?


為さる: To do (same なさる as used in ごめんなさい).

召す: To wear; to don; to put on (among other definitions).

なすって seems to be old Tokyo dialect, same meaning as なさって (Fairly obscure nowadays).

'Please put (some/these) slippers on.' 「どうぞスリッパを [お召しなさって・お履きなさって」] 、」

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