I need help with the following sentence 「あんたも鈍いね, あの子は脈ありだべさ 」 I understand the general meaning from the context (something like how you dont see it she is in love with you), but the words translation doesn't fit the general meaning for me.

鈍い - dull; blunt​?

脈 - pulse​; vein​; chain (of mountains, etc.)​; hope​

What...? Feels like it has hidden meaning that I'm missing out. Thanks :-)


鈍い is the same as 鈍感 or "insensible", "dull". 脈あり and 脈なし are idiomatic no-adjectives that mean "having a chance / a sign of success" and "having no chance", respectively. These are most commonly used in romantic contexts, but can be used in other types of situations, too. Here are relevant definitions found in jisho.org. (There was no entry for 脈あり for some reason.)


  1. insensitive; dull (e.g. reflexes); unperceptive; unfeeling​


  1. just friends; no romantic interest; no pulse​

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