I need some help understanding the difference between 戦争 and 戦火 in this exchange to understand what is meant by 領地にも戦火が及びかねない危機に陥る.

To provide some additional context, カノ controls her own territory レフトハンド, and she was currently in someone else's trying to stop a war from starting, but she ended up nearly getting herself killed.









戦争 is just "war", which is an intangible concept. 戦火 describes something more visible; it refers to individual battles where firearms are used, or fire/destruction caused by them. 戦火 is more or less a "dramatic" word (usually negatively). It is often used in the context where such fire/destruction is treated like a disaster (e.g., あの神社は戦火で失われた, 田畑は戦火で荒らされてしまった).

  • I See. Thank you. One more question, as I'm not sure if I am interpreting this correctly or not. Do you understand whether 領地 in this context is referring to カノ's 領地 or the 領地 where she was? – tempy temper Mar 17 '19 at 14:09
  • @tempytemper 戦火が及びかねない means the 領地 was in danger but was not actually in fire. In addition, it's uncommon to refer to someone else's 領地 without adding ○○の. If カノ returned from a combat zone, this 領地 probably refers to カノ's own 領地. – naruto Mar 18 '19 at 1:13

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