I'm trying to write that a person is a citizen of two kingdoms, one earthly, one spiritual. What is the counter for kingdom? (王国). Also, what is the best website to find a list of counters? I've found some short lists, but I'm looking for a comprehensive list.

  • Bear in mind that short list means list of well-known ones. The more exhaustive the list the more arcane or archaic the counters may become. Commented Mar 22, 2019 at 20:03

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Most naturally (and most commonly as well), "two kingdoms" would be 「ふたつの王国{おうこく}」.

After the actual names of the two kingdoms have been mentioned, however, you can safely use 「両王国{りょうおうこく}」. It would be highly unnatural and awkward to keep repeating 「ふたつの王国」.

(You cannot use 「両 + Noun」 before both have been identified. You can use 「ふたつの王国」 anytime.)


I would use 箇国, the counter for countries.

箇 can be written in many ways, usually as ヶ (ヶ国).

Resources for Japanese Counters

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