As i found in jisho dictionary here


This word "国分寺" means "state-supported provincial temple"

国 means "state or region" and i understand why it is in the word

寺 means "temple" and of course it must be part of this word

But what is the function of 分 here?

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Its English translation does not express the meaning of '分'. Also, '国' means national and country here rather than state or province. According to Wikipedia, "Buddhist temples established in each of the provinces of Japan". So, here '分' means split up '国'. That is why a lot of this kind of temples exist everywhere in Japan. You can see its detailed explanations here.


According to this Wikipedia article...

I take it that the 分 in 国分寺 means... (please note the bolded text)


...that「国」is a way to show that each kuni (regional division) would get their own

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