I was listening to an English conversation yesterday and had a question. The speaker was having a conversation, and then suddenly made a comment that didn't seem to relate to the previous topic.

I wanted to say, "I can't follow her train of thought" or "that conversation doesn't seem to follow any train of thought.

I know that train of thought is 思考回路 but what very would you use for "follow"? Not 従う right?

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    Despite being overly literal in your translation attempt (trying to translate an idiom instead of the base meaning it is meant to convey), a 'train of thought' is normally understood to be one individual's sequence of ruminations, not the flow of a conversation. 'I don't understand her use of that apparent non-sequitur.' might be more appropriate.
    – BJCUAI
    Mar 12 '19 at 20:31

I think「付{つ}いて行{い}く」might be the word you're looking for.


  • It's hard to follow what she's saying


  • (Her) way of speaking is hard to follow

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