I am a Chinese, and I was wondering how do I translate my name into Japanese. My Chinese name is 徐煜恒, and is pronounced as "Su Yu Heng" in English. The "徐/Su" is my surname, and "煜恒/Yu Heng" is my personal name.

Do they pronounced the same way as the Chinese pronunciation? Or maybe there's other way to convert it?


Most Japanese-speaking Chinese people I've met will generally try to use katakana to pronounce their names similar to how they would be pronounced in Chinese.

I assume your name is Mandarin, so you would probably use something like:


Of course you can still write your name in Chinese characters. However, 煜 is not in the official 人名用漢字 list, so you might have trouble with it at banks or government offices.


The unqualified way of reading you might encounter is just listing the most recognizable on’yomi. Thus, you’ll probably be ジョ・イッコウ (as soon as they recognize 煜, which is not only a frequent kanji, but anything with 昱 as component is not).

Meanwhile, you are totally allowed to demand any reading possible from the kanji; if Mandarin pronunciation is required, possibly シュ・ユハァン is good. If, however, one wants an imitation of Japanese name, something even like しずか・あきひさ would work.


In Japan they just use the on-yomi of the Chinese characters in Chinese names. They don't translate them. In your case, you would just use your name, 徐煜恒, but since the middle character is very rare in Japanese, you'll probably have to tell people how to pronounce it (ジョイクコウ).

When meeting people, something like this should work: ジョイクコウです。(よろしくお願いします etc.) ジョが苗字でイクコウが下の名前です。ジョと呼んでください。

One thing that will probably be commented on is that イクコウ sounds a lot like a fairly common woman's name, いくこ.

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