Listening to Japanese music I stumbled upon this song called 僕たちの失敗 by 森田童子. I liked it so I went to look up for the lyrics and its meaning, and there is a part of those in which something is used that I would like to have explained.

The thing is, at some points in these lyrics katakana is used at the end of okurigana. What's the meaning? What's the usage? Why are those sentences written like that?






Those aren't okurigana. They're just normal sentence-final particles. They're normally written in hiragana. Sometimes Japanese people will use katakana to add special emphasis on a word, but in this case it's just an affectation, like a girl writing a heart instead of the dot on an i.

  • Yes, I meant they were written at the end of the okurigana. Thanks for your response.
    – Gotey
    Mar 5 '19 at 9:15

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