What's the Japanese equivalent of "Mmmm" as in "Mmmm I like that!" or "Mmmm, delicious"?

"Mmmm" used as a tone of appreciation or approbation, NOT of deliberation as in "Mmmm, let me think about that"

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You can say:

  • うーん、素晴らしい! (neutral)
  • んー、素晴らしい! (casual)
  • うーむ、素晴らしい! (pompous)
  • ふーむ、素晴らしい! (pompous)

Note that the actual pronunciations of these う/ふ/む may be different from what you already know. These interjections are often pronounced just like English "mmm" or "hmmm". See: IPA for ふーん/んふふ (pronounced with your mouth closed) and Difference between うーん and ううん

  • your top two suggestions are what I was thinking... never come across the other two.... not sure really about the parenthesized observations: neutral "wonderful!'? especially. but food for thought, thank you.
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  • @jiji_Xx I wanted to say ふーむ sounds like an intelligent old man (like this). うーん does not have such a tone.
    – naruto
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