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In a comic book (犬夜叉) I found a plain


in a situation when a person sees that something bad happened. Somebody got injured and the spectator apparently asks, who could have possibly done this. I am just wondering why it’s どれ and not だれ or なに. It is a completely unexpected event and there are no offenders to be picked from.

Is どれ used this way? The closest I could find was an example in a dictionary


But that didn’t satisfy me enough.

Another option is that I got the meaning completely wrong or that it’s not the same „what“ どれ.


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  • Oh. A possible duplicate of my own question. :( And I was thinking about the other meaning of どれ! – Glutexo Feb 10 at 13:39
  • Okay. Since this was confirmed as a duplicate of my earlier question, I think that the どれ there means again something like „let me see“. If somebody reads this and thinks I’m mistaken, please let me know. – Glutexo Feb 13 at 16:47