I haven't found any good blog or book explaining properly the way to start an email or to answer to it.

For example, I received an email asking me my availabilities for an interview:

Company name㈱総務人事部のContact nameでございます。

How should I answer? I'd like to say any day any time is fine from 1/10 with a preference as soon as possible (next 2-3 days).

I'd also like to stay natural without using very complicated sentences someone with my Japanese level wouldn't say.

company name株式会社 総務人事部
contact name様へ、

my nameでございます。(Do I need to tell who I am since they contacted me first?)



If you have some references where I could learn that. Please let me know.


Here's one link. If you type in ビジネスメール into a search engine you should have a plethora of resources.

Some pointers:
1. You don't need 「へ、」after the contact name (unless you're mirroring how they addressed you).
2. You should always include your name prominently, so as to not necessitate their having to search for it and to alleviate any potential for confusion.
3. I would suggest that instead of 「1/10の次の2-3営業日…」, that you specified from and to dates (〇月〇日~〇月〇日の間).

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