In the sentence その事は又後に相談しましょう。
I was wondering whether it is 【あとに】or【のちに】, that is to say...
その こと は また のちに そうだん しましょう。 or perhaps
その こと は また あとに そうだん しましょう。
We will talk about it another time.
Happily, I found an answer here,
"「後{のち}に」sounds literary, so we rather use 「てから」/「後{あと}で」in daily conversation."
Can I assume that answer applies to the sentence above, too, or am I overlooking some issue?

  • The linked answer also says ③カレと[別]{わか}れた[後]{のち}に ... (I think ③ is also read as「~あとに~」.) – Chocolate Feb 2 '19 at 23:21

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