How do they interact with each other? I know that depending on the part of speech these words may have/have no particle after them, but what about na-adjectives? Do these pronouns have any particle in this case?

  1. こんな + 猫(noun) = こんな猫
  2. こんな + 高い(adjective) / 急ぐ(verb) = こんな高い / 急ぐ
  3. こんな + りっぱ(な) = こんな ? りっぱ(な)

Both こんな and こんなに could be used, but the meanings would be different:

A splendid cat like this ... (of all splendid cats, I'm talking about this one)

こんな is modifying the noun.

Such a splendid cat... (a cat that has this amount of splendidness)

こんなに is modifying the adjective.

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    To sum up, こんな(立派な猫) vs. (こんなに立派)な猫 Feb 2 '19 at 16:39

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