I'm just wondering how I can use Japanese to express the idea of something being suitable for something.

In my specific case, I was trying to express to a friend that I found a "baby friendly" hotel. I can't seem to find any grammar guides on how to express the concept of something being suitable for babies.

I already know 子供向け (intended for children), but I don't think that works for this situation.

How could someone say "a [noun] friendly [noun]"

e.g. a dog friendly shopping mall.

e.g. a train service suitable for children.



One way to express this could be...

  • 赤{あか}ちゃん歓迎のホテル

    a baby-friendly hotel

  • ワンちゃん歓迎のマンション

    a dog-friendly apartment

Also, in the case of something being suitable for babies and small children, the word ファミリー is often used.


enter image description here

  • Perfect! Thank you! – Cmaxster Feb 1 at 17:10

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