I want to say "I develop software" in Japanese so I thought that I should use the verb する. But I can also say "I write software" and use the verb かく. So which of the following sentences is the correct one/used the most?

ソフトエアをかく。==> I write software.

ソフトエアをする。==> I do (develop) software.

Similarly I thought that I can use the word source code/code in order to say "I code"/"I am coding":



Which one of the above is the correct one?


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As mentioned in the comment above, the more/most common way to say this is either

  • ソフト(ウエア)を開発しています → (lit.) I develop software
  • ソフト開発をしています → I "do" software development

(notice the different placement of 開発).

Also, remember that you don't necessarily need a verb to get your point across. Depending on the context, you could simply say

  • (私は)ソフト開発者です → I'm a software developer

Then if your listener/audience doesn't know what all that entails, you can expound on it with specifics ("I write source code", "I create user documentation", etc.)

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