I've seen in subtitle of a tv show "ただ飲み足りないだけ"

I know there is に足りる form to mean "to be enough" but it should have been 飲むに足りない.

Is there any other grammar point I am missing?

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Grammatically, it's a compound verb (複合動詞). pre-masu-form + 足りる means "to V enough" or "to V to one's heart's content". The following compounds are used, although they may not be listed in all dictionaries.

  • 食べ足りる (5 hits on BCCWJ) ・ 食い足りる
  • 飲み足りる (18 hits on BCCWJ)
  • 寝足りる (6 hits on BCCWJ)
  • し足りる ・ やり足りる

These may not be very formal, but they are not particularly slangy to me, either.

満ち足りる is another compound verb that should be listed in any dictionary.

By the way, attributive-form + に + 足りる means "to be worth V-ing" or "to be good enough to V" rather than "to V enough". 飲むに足りる means "to be worth drinking".

sake that is not worth drinking

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