So, this is the sentence I have come across:


I understand that Marusha worked without hesitating. I would like, however, to understand the grammar behind it. I have looked for the meaning of いやがらずに without success. Can you help me translate it?

Thank you very much.


嫌がらずに is not listed in dictionaries because it's a combination of several words including an inflected verb.

  • 嫌がる: a common godan verb, "to show hatred/discontent", "to hate"
  • 嫌がらず: "not to hate", a literary negative-form of 嫌がる.
  • ず + に: "without -ing", see the linked question.

So 嫌がらずに just means "without hating" (or more verbosely, "without showing any sign of discontent").

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