I've came across a sentence


in a manga, but I can't find any explanation on this pattern, so I don't see how "speaking of" makes sense. A "bad move" isn't mentioned previously.

The character thinks "The last move was pretty interesting", and continues thinking on the next panel with the mentioned sentence.

The official English translation is

"Most would consider it to be a bad move",

but I feel like there's more to the original.

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This ~といえば is not "speaking of ~", but simply "if someone says ~".

It might look like a bad move if someone says so.

In this case it means something like "it may look like a bad move at first sight, but I think it's actually interesting". Depending on the context, the same sentence can mean something like "it looked like a good move at first sight, but since you say it's bad, it started to appear bad".

For the usage of this も, see: I need help understanding the grammar in this sentence

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