I am doing volunteer work every month at an event organized by a big company (not mine). Now they invite me to a 感謝の夕べ:


Searching the web reveals that 感謝の夕べ is a popular concept, but I could not find a clear definition.

What does the word convey, opposed to 懇親会 for instance?
懇親会 attendees usually have to pay, is it also the case for 感謝の夕べ?


~の夕べ is nothing more than a way to name an event held in the evening. In English, it's probably just "~ Night". For example, when we hear クラシック音楽の夕べ, we can guess it's an event where attendees will enjoy classical music. I feel it tends to be used as the name of some sophisticated/classy event rather than a noisy party, but this may not apply in your case.

I suppose you probably don't have to pay because you are a guest who will receive their 感謝, but that is by no means a grammatical rule.

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