Does this Japanese sentence make sense?


I would like to say:

There is not much we can do about solving this problem.

The more literal translation would be:

In order to solve this problem, all we can do is almost nothing.

For the grammatical construction "できるだけはできるのは", please refer to this link.


私たちができるだけはできるのは is unnatural. I say it like その問題を解くために、私たちができることは、ほとんどありません. "all we can" is literally translated as 私達ができるすべてのこと". However you may omit すべての and we usually omit it.

I think you should use this phrase できるだけ~する as the translation of "to do all that one can". For example, 覚えられるだけ覚えた(I've remembered everything I ciould).

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