In many pages the meaning of やがて is "in the proper time", sometimes it's "eventually"… I'd like to know all the meanings.


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I feel it's about observation of future but it's not completely sure to happen. Normally, it's seen in a book not in a daily conversation. Sometimes it's cool to use but might be taken weird. I think the root word for that is いつか. Casual いつか Formal 何れ、やがて

  • I'm more used to seeing やがて glossed as "presently". This is similarly used more often in writing than speech, and has close semantic (meaning) overlap with the Japanese term. Meanwhile, いつか is more like "sometime", and いずれ is formal for どれ ("which"), not いつか, at least in modern Tokyo-dialect use that I'm familiar with. May 21, 2020 at 17:43

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