Can I use soshite to join negative sentences in japanese? e.g. I am not a girl and he is not a boy. 私は女の子ではありません そして 彼は男の子ではありません。

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I believe そして it's used more in a sentence to show that the 2nd part of the sentence was done in result of the first (more like "then" in english): soshite vs sorekara

I will list the 3 more common ways, I believe, of connecting negative sentences:

1 - て-form - Found both in written and spoken form.

私{わたし}は女{おんな}の子{こ}じゃなくて、彼{かれ}は男{おとこ}じゃない。- I'm not a girl, and he is not a boy.

2 - く-form / stem form (?not sure what to call it) - More commonly found in texts/books.

私{わたし}は女{おんな}の子{こ}じゃな、彼{かれ}は男{おとこ}じゃない。- I'm not a girl, and he is not a boy.

3 - て-form (I guess this is just a complement of the first one, to be honest) - Used to correct a previous wrong assumption/statement.

私{わたし}は女{おんな}の子{こ}じゃなくて、男{おとこ}だよ。- I'm not a girl, I am a boy!!

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