I am currently learning Japanese. I have learnt the writing systems, pronunciation, words and phrases.

Apparently, there are a few words phrases you should use for Thank you, such as どうも, ありがとう or even ありがとうございます。

There is also どうもありがとう and どうもありがとうございます which I can't understand.

They seem to represent different politeness levels.

I don't know which ones I should use for what. Which scenarios would I used them in?

  • Would I say Arigatou Gozaimasu to a person (a complete stranger) that helped me, a waiter or a waitress?

  • Should I just use Arigatou if someone helps me with directions or something related?

  • When would I use Doumo? In formal situations with friends? Is that equivalent for Thanks?

  • When would I use Doumoarigatou and Doumoarigatougozaimasu? If a higher body gives me a medal or something?

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