Is this (the phrase/word ごとが) a grammar point or vocabulary? I tried to look it up in Takoboto dictionary but it doesn't return a specific word.

Also, if the phrase/word 「ごとが」 is a grammar point. How do I use it?

The context, where I found the word, lies in the song 翼をください (an ending song version of Nichijou)

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I'm assuming you mean the ごとが in


If this is the case, then you're parsing the sentence incorrectly. The ごと forms part of a noun phrase with 願い. You can find it on Takeboto under お願い事. Here's the underlying structure (I've used bold to highlight the different grammatical components):


The が is your standard subject marker. Thus, the subject of the sentence is 願いごと and the main verb is かなう, which means for a 願い to be come true/be fulfilled.


Presumably you are referring to this part of the lyrics:

いま わたしの願いごとが
叶うならば 翼が欲しい
この 背中に鳥のように
白い翼 つけてください

In which case you are parsing it incorrectly. It actually breaks down like this

いま わたしの 願いごと が

Where 願いごと means "desire" or "thing wished for". In conjunction with the next line, it's saying "If my wish were fulfilled now..."

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