As stated in the title - what is the correct reading of 血泡? I couldn't find a definitive answer (Jisho does not know this word at all, Google Translate thinks it should be kehhou, which seems unlikely). I ran across this in a book and while the translation seems clear ('blood bubbles' or 'bubbles of blood'), I'm not sure about the reading.

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This is not an answer per-se. I did research into the word and it appears to be Chinese. So the reading in Japanese is a guessing game since it doesn't appear to be an actual Japanese word.

The candidates (including unlikely candidates)

  • けっぽう
  • けっほう
  • けつほう (probably definitely not this)
  • ちあわ

Opinion: I would bet on ちあわ for reading it since it would be two separate words in Japanese 血(ち) and 泡(あわ). In this particular case I don't think you'd join the kanji's on-yomi reading rendaku'd or otherwise. Also, typing all 4 spellings into my Japanese keyboard and ちあわ was the only one that came up for a match at all and it was the first match.

Edit: Chocolate said and linked to the fact that けっぽう gives several page hits. けっほう also gives some too. ちあわ also gives a few. This doesn't suggest that any of these answers are right though, just that a group of people were swayed towards one spelling over another.


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