AはBを食べる <-> Bを食べるA

but i do not think i can't rearrange this in terms of


However if it its a sentence with an indirect object as well:


compared with:

[YYが][XXを]プレッシャーにさらす -- active voice

are all of the following correct?

昔は川を天の川に見立てた <-> 昔は天の川に見立てた川

YYがXXをプレッシャーにさらす <-> YYがプレッシャーにさらすXX

私はAにBをあげる <-> 私はAにあげるB

thank you for confirming


You can rearrange...

→ A食べるB ("B that A eats")
→ Bを食べるA ("A that eats B")

(You usually don't use the topic particle は in a relative clause. 「Aが食べるB」 would sound more natural than 「Aは食べるB」 in most situations.)

→ 天の川に見立てた川
→ 川を見立てた天の川
(In 昔は天の川に見立てた川に笹を流して願い事をする行事なんかもあった, 昔は modifies (行事なんかも)あった, not (天の川に)見立てた.)

→ YYがプレッシャーにさらすXX
→ XXをプレッシャーにさらすYY

私はAにBをあげる ("I give B to A")
→ 私AにあげるB ("B which I give to A")
→ 私BをあげるA ("A who I give B to")
→ AにBをあげる私 ("Me who gives B to A")

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