There are several instances where I noticed people use に to mean something along the lines of "and". Here's an example: https://youtu.be/3cjyUg-XjjU?t=24

I think the narrator says, "修理人が使う道具は、牛の皮、ハンマー、庖丁と呼ばれる[刃も?].

Also, a line from a manga that describes a superhero reads、


The に in question is the one in the third line.

I've searched all over the web for something that explains this usage, but I've found nothing. Does anyone what it is?


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に can be used to enumerate things and be translated by "and".

Literally, it means "onto" (I think), so it feels like you're adding up something onto another thing.



It should be two words (or more) from the same semantic field. As you can see in the example sentences, the words are kinda related to each other.

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