The sentence in question: 入院先の聖隷浜松病院が設けてくれました。

For Full context:

My attempt at translation: " has made preparations/prepared itself."

On is a transitive verb, but here it seems to be used in an intransitive way since there is no を + object phrase attached. Did I interprete this correctly? I didnt see this pattern before, I think, so I wanted to have it confirmed ^^

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設け(る) is transitive. The object of 設けてくれました is 亡くなった息子と一緒に過ごした時間 in the previous sentence. It's left out since it's obvious from the context.

入院先の聖隷浜松病院が(それを = 亡くなった息子と一緒に過ごす時間を)設けてくれました。

The hospital provided (it = time to spend with the stillborn baby).

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