I want to say something along the lines of "I want to hear more of [name's] screams" but I don't want to sound like a psychopath. I mean the sort of scream you'd hear in a metal song. Is there a word for that?

Right now I have: AさんとBさんの叫{さけ}び声{ごえ}がもっと聞​きたいです。

  • I posted an answer, but maybe I am not sure if you are asking/thinking that 叫さけび声 is wrong or non appropriate for some reason.
    – Tommy
    Nov 21, 2018 at 8:15

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Since I got banned once because of my opinions on katakana, I guess I would try to make it right by giving a katakana answer. Besides, I'm quite a metalhead myself.

叫【さけ】び声 is not wrong. Actually you can find articles like this using just that word. So, I like that.

However, I think another popular word is スクリーム. It is quite used and understood in the context of metal music to describe that type of singing.

In general, there is a broader category called デスヴォイス, that is the equivalent of "death growl" in English.

If you want to be more specific, you can look at this website that list all sorts of vocal styles (including scream).

PS. Actually, if you check the Japanese wiki for screamo, you can find at some point just this sentence:



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