The 鑑定士【かんていし】 I have in mind is the one that this an expert about a type of goods (e.g. brand bags, diamonds, luxury watches), and is able to recognize and value them. He often use his knowledge in pawn shops or in auctions of such goods.

The term "expert" is too vague. The term "appraiser" seems very close but a bit old-fashioned to me, but I am not native in English so I may be wrong.

Which verb would you associate with this work (鑑定【かんてい】する)?

I know this is not a translation service, but I believe the term is technical enough to deserve a question.

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    I think the verb appraise is fairly common in English, but maybe it's just me but the noun appraiser does seem to be used a lot less. – Ringil Nov 15 '18 at 16:58
  • Maybe 'Evaluator'? – user3856370 Nov 16 '18 at 8:32

I think appraiser (US English) is the word that you are looking for. Valuer (British English) and valuator (archaic British English) seem to be synonyms.


  1. A valuer is someone whose job is to estimate the cost or value of something, for example a house, or objects that are going to be sold in an auction. (Source)
  2. A person whose job is to estimate the value of something that is to be purchased. (Source)


  1. a person who estimates the value of objects, paintings, etc; appraiser (Source)
  2. one that valuates, specifically one that appraises (Source)

connoisseur/appraise or judge or evaluate
an authority on X/ same verbs as above


Take "不動産鑑定士" as example, there is a English term "Real estate Appraiser" used for someone who determines the fair market value of things.

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