Hi japanese language enthusiasts and Blue hearts fans!

英雄にあこがれ seems to have another quite obviously dark urban theme "惜しまれながら死んでゆく…月曜の朝の朝礼で手首をかき切った"...

, so it seems some kind of irony and sarcastic lamentation with perhaps depressed, drug addicted or gloomy aggressive youth with imminent tragedy? In blunt and straight moralization of modern society, A way very typical to blue hearts. Is this case or did i miss the point?

How about 悪魔  A demon mentioned twice ? - first being raised in the corner of sports field, and then laughing in same place in the end. Seems about A "time time bomb" of society of some kind, Could be even about being bullied…?

皆さん教えてよろしくお願いします! Marko/Rathergood

PS. I Bing-ed/ Baidu searched with english and Japanese but it was difficult to find any comment about this song text - perhaps for Japanse natives the intent and meaning of songs is clear not worth writing about and foreigners don't know the song well enough...

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