I was listening to the song 一本の鉛筆 performed by 美空ひばり When I looked into the lyrics, I was confused by two things.

一本の鉛筆が あれば
戦争はいやだと 私は書く

What's the meaning of the particle と after 戦争はいやだ in this case?

一枚のザラ紙が あれば
私は子供が 欲しいと書く
一枚のザラ紙が あれば
あなたをかえしてと 私は書く

In this case, what`s the difference in the meaning after adding 私は書く in the last sentence, instead of just writing あなたをかえしてと書く ?

Thank you very much


In this case と is the quotative particle. It indicates what the person will write.

一本の鉛筆が あれば 戦争はいやだ 私は書く
If I had a pencil I would write that war is horrible.

Compare this with 手紙を書く. This means "I will write a letter", but と would be used to mark what you actually write in the letter. This と particle is used with verbs such as 言う, 思う etc. to mark what people say, think etc.

As for why 私は is added in the line you mention, I have no idea. Maybe it makes the lyrics fit the tune better. It doesn't do any harm.


It means that. I would write that the war is horrible.

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