I'm not sure how to translate this sentence:


I think one character is asking another how they like this vodka called "Zebrowka" which the speaker thinks is the best brand. I think ルビーmight be a name but I'm not sure. The 樣 is really throwing me off. Could the author have used the vodka name for a character name? Or am I misunderstanding 樣?

Thanks in advance.

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    「樣」って、「[様]{さま}」ですよね。 ピジョンブラックございますわ -- It's a typo of ピジョンブラックございますわ or ピジョンブラックございますわ, maybe? – Chocolate Nov 3 '18 at 1:47
  • ピジョン・ブラック should probably a typo for ピジョン・ブラッド pigeon blood, the colour attributed to the best rubies, and ズブロッカ is a character's name here (which does happen to be the name of the liquor). – Yosh Nov 3 '18 at 1:51

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