I'm having problem figuring out the idea or meaning of a sentence while reading manga.

The context is that a character A told someone (character B) a big lie, and influenced by that lie, B started to act in favor of character A, without even realizing it. The liar states now that character B is under his "spell" (魔法). There's no magic involved, just an expression.

After that, character A says:


I'm able to understand each word individually but not as a whole phrase. What is the main idea of the sentence?

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(It's) A magic called 'Lie', which unleashes you from the curse.

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    I can't explain why, but I feel that 'unleash' sounds a little odd here. I would prefer 'release' or 'liberate'. Examples where 'unleash' works: "He unleashed his curse (upon the world).", "Unleash the dogs.". A definition from the Cambridge dictionary: "to suddenly release a violent force that cannot be controlled " Commented Nov 3, 2018 at 9:22

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