In English, an em-dash is often used where dialogue is interrupted:

Get into the c—

Is there an equivalent punctuation in Japanese?

  • In the novel that I'm currently reading ― (horbar) is used in similar fashion, but more instead of ellipsis, e.g. after full word, than such use (though I don't remember seeing such em-dash in english texts, usualy there also ellipsis).
    – sklott
    Commented Oct 28, 2018 at 18:23

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Either a 3点リーダー or a dash is used for this purpose. Note that a Japanese dash is usually longer than an English em-dash.

enter image description here

The last example (leaving a Latin consonant) is fairly unconventional, but it can express the suddenness nicely, and you may see it in casual light novels, blogs and such.

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