What's the meaning of しなければならず in this article?


link to the original and complete phrase

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しなければならず literally means "have to do~~ and..." "must do~~ and..."

The ず is the continuative form (連用形) of the classical negative auxiliary ぬ, which corresponds to the negative auxiliary ない in modern Japanese.


しなければならぬ (しなければならない in modern Japanese) ← terminal form (終止形)
しなければならず (しなければならなく(て)* in modern Japanese) ← continuative form (連用形)

*しなければならず is still used mainly in writing and formal speech. We also use しなければいけなくて、しなくてはいけなくて、しないといけなくて、しなくてはならなくて, or more colloquially しなきゃいけなくて、しなくちゃいけなくて, etc.

During detention, due to the circumstances / for reasons I had to convert to Islam, and at that time I chose the name 'Umar' for myself.

(If you were to split the sentence into two, you'd say like 拘束中に、事情があってイスラム教に改宗しなければならなかった。そしてそこで自分で『ウマル』というのを選んでいた。)


しなければならず stands for しなければならない It means ( must).


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