I tried going to my sound effect dictionary for this one but nothing came up, any help in figuring out what that bolded bit of the sentence means is much appreciated.



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ジワリ is an onomatopoeia of liquid (blood here) oozing out / coming out (of wound, eyes etc.) It can also describe liquid (slowly) soaking (into cloth/fabric). Its variants include: じわじわ, じんわり, じわっ.

These are close to ジワリ:

じわっ Liquids soaking and oozing
じんわり Soaking slowly with sweat or tears
(from https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/japanese-onomatopoeia/)

Quite a few onomatopoeiae have the same or similar pattern of variants, eg:

  • ふわふわ、ふわり、ふんわり、ふわっ、ふわん
  • きらきら、きらり、きらっ
  • ぴかぴか、ぴかり、ぴかっ
  • さらさら、さらり、さらっ
  • どきどき、どきり、どっきり、どきっ、どきん
  • ぱちぱち、ぱちり、ぱっちり、ぱちっ、ぱちん
  • つるつる、つるり、つるっ、つるん

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