I am trying to learn how to say 'to talk/write/read about smth' in Japanese, since corrections natives make to my sentences seems not to be very consistent. For example, let us consider a phrase 'I talked/read/wrote about pencils'. Particles I want to use are を and で. With 'talked', it seems that 鉛筆を話した is just fine, because here topic kinda fits into my understanding of 'direct object', but 鉛筆を書いた would mean 'i drawed a pencil', while 鉛筆で書いた would mean 'i wrote with a pencil'. What would one use instead? I tried to search Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar for で, but with no success.

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    there are many ways to talk "about" something. Maybe you would find it interesting to look up the grammar form "~について" – Nicolas Louis Guillemot Oct 15 '18 at 16:09
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    ~に関して/~に関する might also be useful. – G-Cam Oct 15 '18 at 18:33

について is what you are looking for.

It translates as 'concerning', 'regarding', 'about' etc. Your sentences would look something like:


Check p280 of A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar for more details.

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